On June 13, 2017, Mrs. Hunt brought Ella to our Penn High School Robotics lab to test out some new prototypes we created for her hand stabilizers. Along with Ella and her mom, we had the opportunity to meet up with her physical therapist, Denise, to see what she would recommend to advance our prototypes. Prior to Mrs. Hunt’s arrival, Denise and I had the opportunity to talk about Ella and how far along she has come since Denise’s first meeting with Ella. Denise taught me about how many hardships the Hunt’s had to go through in order to accomplish the strength Ella has today. We showed Denise the book that we were working on for Engineering Ella and she was ecstatic. She absolutely loved the new

6/13/17 Visit in the Robotics Lab with the Hunt Family- Ella got her new arm stabilizers!

publication of their story and she knew Mrs. Hunt would also love it. Soon after, Mrs. Hunt arrived with Ella in their customized van- a large black van with vinyl images of Ella on the side. We helped carry in the supplies Mrs. Hunt had brought for Ella and showed them into the lab. It was astounding to see the improvements Ella had already made since our last visit. She was now able to effectively drive herself around in her chair- thanks to David and Mr. Binko’s chair improvements. Ella had been doing so good driving her chair that her mom even had to teach her to look back both ways prior to crossing the road!

We went inside to show Mrs. Hunt the new prototypes for Ella’s arm stabilizers and they were very optimistic.  In fact, Mrs. Hunt was so ecstatic that she wanted to put the prototypes directly onto the chair and test them out. At first,  we wanted to be careful not to make any permanent changes to the chair, but Mrs. Hunt quickly assured us that she would be receiving a new chair within the next few months. 



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