On October 13, 2017, Ella Hunt, a disabled young girl diagnosed with SMA Type 1, visited Team 135’s Lab along with her supporting mother, Erica and physical therapist. This time around our team developed small covers for her fingers to prevent the instability of her fingers and also to decrease the possibility for a hazardous situation to occur.

10/12/17 Ella receives her new hand stabilizers

Mrs. Hunt also talked to the new junior class to increase knowledge about the project and get them on board for next year. She informed them about the smaller mechanical projects that have taken place over the course of Engineering Ella and also talked about the impact this project can have on students like us. She stated that the impact of this project is a “once in a lifetime experience and helps inform students about topics they otherwise would’ve known very little about.” Next time Team 135 visits with Ella, we will have newer versions of her finger covers, new chair programs, mobile hand hammocks (allowing for her to use her sensors anywhere), dog walking device, mirror light for her therapy room, and an iPad holder that would allow her to adjust her eye Gaze while on the go.

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