11/2/17 Students from left to right: Italia Fields, Grant Harrington, and David Li

11/2/17 Penn Robotics student uploads new chair programming

11/2/17 Student tests out new hand therapy. mobilizing devices

On November 2nd, Italia, David, and Grant visited the Hunt house to update Ella’s chair and give her improved arm supports. Previously, Ella could only control her chair to spin right, spin left, or drive straight. Now she is able to move forward and drift right or left at the same time, granting her easier mobility. On top of that, Italia delivered her newest innovation: a sling made of a soft fabric that she can rest her arm on without worrying that it might slip or fall. Mrs.Hunt was also a big fan of the slings. She noted that the elevation of the slings seemed to help Ella’s dexterity in her hands, and wanted a few more!

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