On March 3rd 2018, a group of five students visited the Hunt house to discuss some new projects for the upcoming months. Before learning about the engineering solutions we would be challenged to create, we learned even more about the lifestyles of Ella and her family. One of the major concerns for her mom is that Ella’s food bag or dehumidifier will work inconsistently while her family sleeps- or worse, the food bag gets clogged. These concerns often keep Ella’s parents up at night, scared that their daughter might not be getting the nutrients she needs to survive.

We also learned about how Ella is able to attend school! For Ella to talk to her friends during the most germ plagued times of the year, she uses a VGo. This robotic device allows her to drive around the classroom and virtually interact with her friends from the safety of her home. Ella is also testing out a new Eyegaze device that allows her to control an interface solely based on eye movement. Although this device takes some getting used to, Ella has taken massive strides in improvement and gets mentally and physically stronger every time we see her!

Our team is now challenged to create an alarm system for her food system that would send her mom a notification when something abnormal occurs. A similar system will be responsible for monitoring the dehumidifier. Once we crack down on this alarm system, we hope to release it for more families to have access to! One more project we will be tackling is a bathtub therapeutic table. This would enable her to continue therapy in the tub without her therapist or mom worrying about her head submerging in the water. This would also be responsible for lowering and lifting Ella out of the tub so that her parents wouldn’t have to!


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