To start off a fresh school year, Mission to Engineer went to Purdue FIRST’s Boiler Bot Battle (BBB) with our parent team Penn Robotics. It was an exciting day because we got to meet a lot of the best FRC teams in Indiana! What a fulfilling experience.

Even more special, we were able to meet up with one of our most active makers, team 2197 Las Pumas based out of New Prairie, Indiana. They are working with a girl named Catherine Sims who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), like another one of our clients, Ella.

We are so excited to see the fantastic work that comes out of the 2019 FRC season and we can’t wait to work with all of you in the future! Contact us directly with our form to start work on some big projects that will change the lives of you and everyone around you.

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