On December 12, 2018, Isaiah came to visit the Penn High School Robotics lab to try our first prototypes for him. We created a 3D printed device that will allow him to put his socks on without the extensive help of his mom. We modeled a few different versions and made the optimal size for Isaiah. After it was tried and tested by Isaiah, we planned our next steps to make it even better, and to better suit his wants. They took this device home with them to identify any issues it may have.

Along with this, we also had our first design for a project that will enable him to ride scooters in gym more comfortably. He likes laying on his stomach and the grippy scooter sticks we made for him will allow him to do it with more ease. 

During this meeting with Isaiah and his mom, we got to figure out what was working well and what needed to be improved upon. After we got through the main objective of the meeting, Isaiah and his brother got to have a little fun, and they were allowed to drive our competition robot from the previous year’s season. 

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