ABC 57 reporter Abby Lutz reached out to us to be featured on the segment Cools Schools for the innovations that we are developing for Isaiah. We were appreciative of this opportunity to show how Team 135 impacts the community around us. This was also great for Team 135 to showcase our technical skills along with the goals of the Mission to Engineer Program.

On April 18th, 2019, Isaiah and his family came to the lab to test out the new prototype that Team 135 designed for him. Through this visit, we received his input of the “scooter sticks” prototypes we developed to allow him to better push himself forward easier on the scooter board, we came to the conclusion that they did not work for him because of the way his joints move.

We then suggested that we design him something related to an archery arm guard with grippers/traction where he could support and guide himself as he plays on his scooter. Another iteration of the scooter design would eliminate the back support, as it did not aid Isaiah in his movements. While we were talking to Isaiah, Abby Lutz was gathering information and interviewing Isaiah and his mother. She also interviewed some members of Team 135 and we had the opportunity to describe our experiences with this project and how those experiences impact our future.

We wanted to thank ABC 57 for the opportunity to display our mission along with everybody who participated and worked with us on this project.

Check out our segment on ABC 57 Cool Schools!!

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