Our latest project has been with toy modifications. Our goal is to take a toy that makes a noise when a button is pushed and rewire the toy to connect it to a very sensitive switch. With the switch, those with limited motor control can set off the toy without any help.

How to wire the toys:

Step 1: Grab the toy you want to wire

Step 2: Take apart the toy to find the battery wires going to the stock button

Step 3: After finding the wire cut them in the middle

Step 4: Pick the aux connector you want to use

Step 5: Strip the aux wire exposing the three wires

Step 6: Take the Yellow and White wires because they are the ones that you are using

IDC connectors (gel)

Step 7: Grab 2 IDC connectors

Step 8: Take 1 Connector and plug 1 battery wire and 1 Yellow/White wire and put them in the connector and Crimp it till the yellow top is flush with the clear part.

Step 9: Do the same thing in step 8 to the other 2 wires

Step 10: Now just plug in the new button to turn the toy on and try it out!