Every year, hundreds of thousands of students all around the country throw their caps in the air to celebrate 13 or more years of hard work and dedication in the education system. But what about the students that weren’t physically able to throw their caps in the air or even attend graduation due to a condition they have? Mission to Engineer prioritizes those students and our goal is to link them with high school students interested in improving their lives. Student’s affected with any disease or conditions such as SMA, Joubert’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome, etc., or those missing limbs are a few examples of conditions that can be improved with assistive technology.

Price gouging is widespread through the AT market, and we understand that not all families can afford those high prices. Families nationwide already face countless complications and hardships to get what’s best for their kids and overpriced assistive technology products are, unfortunately, not always on a family’s list of ‘required expenses.’  As a result of this heavy overpricing, families nationwide have been unable to receive the products their kids need to interact with their peers and other kids their age. Kids affected with these conditions have demonstrated extreme strength without even moving a muscle and finding them the help they need is our mission our Mission to Engineer.