On 3/26/19, Isaiah and part of his family came to our lab in order to test our scooter board prototype for him.This prototype included an extended piece that would aid in his stability. This piece attaches to many sized scooter boards and does not harm the scooter board.

Isaiah testing out the longer attachment

We wanted him to give us feedback so we could implement his suggestions into the next iterations.

When testing out the shorter extension of the board, it seemed to be a bit problematic, as he was losing his balance and couldn’t keep himself up. When testing the longer extension, he said he preferred the longer extension since it had more surface area for him to be able to keep his balance.

Isaiah commenting on the shorter attachment

During the meeting, Isaiah and his mother made some suggestions on how the board could better his daily gym life. In the meeting, he and his mom wanted the extension of the board to be wider and longer than it was in the prototype. When talking about the grippers, he said he would like to have more traction than his hands so we talked about creating “scooter sticks” that he could use to guide himself around. Also, we mentioned the idea of better castor wheels for reliability of the scooter.